The 2012 GDYGA Junior Nationals Golf Championship

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GDYGA hosts the Annual Junior Nationals Golf Championship on the second Saturday & Sunday of July. It is one of the largest junior competitions held at a City of Dayton public golf course.

The competition is GDYGA’s major fundraiser, but more importantly provides an opportunity for GDYGA youth to hone their skills by playing with, or observing, some of the talented junior golfers who enjoy a competitive atmosphere.

The two-day event is held at the Kittyhawk Golf Complex (3383 Chuck Wagner Lane, Dayton, OH 45414). The complex is Ohio’s largest public golf complex and is ideal because it has three courses: the Eagle, the Hawk and the Kitty.

The tournament is gaining in popularity and is open to junior golfers, ages 7-17 and college men and women, ages 18-23. Youth, ages 7-11 play nine holes each day on the Kitty course. Golfers, ages 12-23, play eighteen holes on the Hawk each day.

Participants have come from Arizona, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and a number of cities in southwest Ohio.

The level of competition gets better every year and is fun for the competitors, the volunteers and the parents/friends who follow their favorite golfers.

The Holiday Inn North Dayton (Wagner Ford Lane) serves as our headquarters. 

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